Environmental, Social & Governance

We are committed to excellence in environmental, social and governance values, driving sustainability standards across all our ventures.

We go beyond profit.

We believe sustainability is about making a positive impact in everything we do. We have a duty of care to the environment and as a core value put the environment and our communities at the forefront of the decisions we make as a business.

Why is sustainable investing important?

We focus on more than simply the generation of profits, but how we generate them. We always consider the value created by prioritising the long term impact of the decisions we make. Increasingly others are doing the same, which is creating a significant shift in the way companies and developments are viewed and valued.

Our environment.

Melburg constantly seeks innovative ways of limiting the environmental impact of the spaces we create and resources we use as a business. We focus on measurable operational interventions to reduce resource usage across our portfolio and are constantly seeking better ways of developing.

Have a great environmental initiative? Please contact us to see how we might integrate this into one of our projects.

Our communities, charities and people.


Team community hours committed. 2024 YTD


Charitable donations. 2024 YTD

Melburg prioritises charitable, community and social issues. We are conscious that the buildings we own and the places we create have an impact on the local environment and the communities that live and work there, and we endlessly strive for positive change that benefits all. We continue to engage, support and communicate with those communities in order that we can continue to grow.

Have a great charitable initiative? Please contact us to see how we might integrate this into one of our projects.